• Fresco-SS-3121R-18G - Raleigh, NC

Fresco-SS-3121R-18G is similar to Fresco-SS-3121L-18G. The only difference is in the placement of basin. Larger basin is kept on the left side and smaller one on your right side. It is designed for the convenience of the users. The left handed and right handed people can choose their sinks from the two models or those having a likeness towards their right or left sides, Fresco is the ideal choice for them.

When multi tasking can be done according to your convenience, nothing can be better. This is what we call comfort combined with style. Fresco style sinks by Cosmos are a classic example for that.


product detail

TYPE sink
ORIGIN Malaysia


Raleigh, NC
501 S New Hope Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610

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