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While there are so many stone options available in the market choosing a product that could fulfill every requirement is not easy. But Calacatta Pinnacle quartz is an engineered stone that may give you longevity and requires zero to minimal maintenance. It is carved into clean channels and delivers a strong dimensional statement. The Calacatta Pinnacle quartz slab feels like a Marble and usually quartz doesn’t entertain any kind of spots and stains by nature. 

The soft and subtle veins of grey look more astonishing and captivating when added to the muted or colorful palette. Calacatta Pinnacle quartz is a versatile stone, it’s totally up to you how you want to use it. You may use the stone to decorate the bathroom tops, staircases, kitchen backsplashes or floorings. The grey color on the slab makes it distinctive from other quartz. Be it contemporary or modern designs, this engineered stone fits affordable with any style. 

According to the homeowners who have experienced in using the Calacatta Pinnacle quartz said that the stone is flexible and can be mold into preferred shape that is used in home decors and commercial installation as well. In addition, the stone is hard due to the nature of quartz and may easily beat the heat and stains. The high-quality pigment of quartz may offer more durability and allows the stone to remain intact in color when exposed to UV rays and chemical changes. So, when you are trying to remodel the old settings of your kitchen choose the product that is not time-consuming i.e. go to Calacatta Pinnacle. 

The design and the ravishing style of quartz not only add warmth to space but also offer numerous benefits when compared to natural stones. The soft and shining look of the stone adds a more majestic look to the defined existing settings. Moreover, the quartz stone is non-porous in nature and doesn’t require frequent sealing. 

The stone when properly installed by the fabricators gives a royal look to the old and dull spaces. The stone comes in definite patterns and finishing techniques and mimics the appearance of premium and exotics natural stone. The Calacatta Pinnacle quartz adds a twist to your cooking and creates a smart background for the kitchen activities.


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